How to Roll a Joint

The best way to consume marijuana is by rolling your own joint. It’s easy, affordable, and provides a great experience that you can’t get with any other form of consumption! 

This may seem like an oldie but goody kind of thing for those who want their THC intake on the lower side cost-wise since all materials will be at home anyway.

For just a few dollars, you can get a pack of rolling papers and all the filters you need for months or even years. For many smokers, it’s more cost-effective than buying expensive pre-rolls or bongs, so they enjoy their smoke without breaking the bank.

The hand-rolled joint is also an appealing choice because it takes them back to the carefree times of their youth especially during these stressful times where self-care is more important than ever.

Rolling a joint is not difficult, but it can be time-consuming. If you’ve never smoked medical marijuana before or if it’s been several years since your last experience with cannabis (or even decades!), then this article will teach how to do just what needs doing in order to break out that old skill again!

Do you want to master the art of rolling your own joint? Here are just some helpful pointers from our staff: 

Use a Grinder to Break Up Fresh Cannabis Flower

The days of having to break up your marijuana by hand or use scissors for an inefficient and time-consuming process are over. A grinder quickly shreds the bud into small bits that you can pour directly into a rolling paper, making it easier than ever before! Be careful not to grind more though – once it is too fine there won’t be enough material left in order to fill any papers at all so keep adjusting until everything starts sticking together properly. 

Fold the Rolling Paper into a V-shape

The idea is to create a little gutter for your medical marijuana. You fold up the rolling paper until it forms an airplane, then tear off some of its edges and round them into circles so they’re easier to roll in on themselves.

Place your Filter(Crutch) into the Rolling Paper BEFORE you Pour in Your Cannabis

Note: Unlike cigarette filters, marijuana smoke is still full of potentially dangerous chemicals and tars. You can either purchase pre-made filtering papers or try your hand at making them by folding a small piece.

The filter should be held in with your non-dominant hand. With that same arm, hold your folded rolling paper with the thumb and first three fingers. While with your dominant hand, place the filter onto the side of the folded rolling paper opposite your fingers. When you roll the paper around your filter, it will hold all of that medical marijuana in place. Then once it’s inside, just pour or pinch out whatever amount suits you best.

Shape the Joint with your Thumbs

In this step, we are basically massaging our marijuana with the palm and fingers to pack it into paper. Once satisfied with the shape of your flower (or leaves), take a rounded edge from torn rolling paper tucked between one side for a burrito-like closure! Roll back up if necessary until there’s no light coming when placed behind a light.

Finishing Your Completed Joint

When you’ve converted your V-shaped rolling paper into a tight cylinder, it’s time to seal it shut by running the open end along the tip of one’s tongue. Pinch both ends together with thumb and forefinger before twisting them so that they form a point for easy lighting– then snip off excess material for easy lighting.

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