Best Foods to Eat While High

best foods to eat while high

We all remember the days of college when we would get high just to see what culinary creations our favorite marijuana munchie could come up with. Sometimes, it feels like those were better times and there’s nothing that compares to them in this world. Knowing we can’t turn back the munchie time clock, what do you do going forward? You’re not done smoking weed anyway, or else you wouldn’t be reading this post.

Now we ask the question, what is the best food to eat while high? With the help of the internet, it turns out there’s a lot!

Here are just some of the best foods to munch down while you’re high!


The best way to enjoy your nachos is while you’re high. Although use caution if using anything but a microwave because it can be dangerous and result in a house fire especially if you’re too high and carefree.

With that said, you can’t have a munchie party without nachos, and you definitely won’t be able to enjoy this delicious dish in the absence of your favorite appetizer. These Crunchy Taco-style creations will make any hungry person happy!

Rice Crispy Treats

Have you ever tried to make rice crispy treats at home? It’s a nightmare. The prepackaged ones are much easier and come in multi-packs at Costco or Sams, so ask around if one of your friends has a membership.

Your local dispensary probably sells its own laced rice crispy version too if you want to try out this delicious treat with a kick. Just remember though, don’t confuse the one you EAT TO GET HIGH and the one you EAT WHEN YOU’RE ALREADY HIGH!


This is not just because you have some around the house. Cereal delivers sweetness, creaminess, and crunch to create a perfect mix for your high tongue! If resources permit it’s always a good idea to mix things up with different kinds of cereal especially if you want to have fun and have the best experience while you’re baked. 

Strategy is key to a successful cereal dish! If you have some healthy, not-so-sweet stuff then throw in the occasional piece. You’ll get a surprise every few bites and it will make for good eating if you are high because of how different everything tastes when eaten together.


These little candies are surprisingly juicy. They’re small and easy to throw in your pocket if you don’t want to get up off the couch. The motion of unwrapping each one also keeps your baked brain semi-engaged so in a way, you still keep functioning while having the best time!

Beef Jerky

Some stoners swear by beef jerky when they’re high. They say the unusual mix of dry and greasy is exactly what they are looking for, as it fills your whole mouth with a savory taste that may satisfy any munchies you have while also being protein-rich! 

What Is The Best Food To Eat While High?

So what is the best food to eat while high? There isn’t just one answer to this question. If you smoke weed regularly and find yourself craving something that’s not in your diet, write it down on paper as a reminder for the sober you to find and buy for your next session.

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