Parts of Marijuana You Can Smoke

Parts of Marijuana You Can Smoke

Wondering which parts of marijuana you can smoke? We’ll help with this simple guide to cannabis plant anatomy. Below, we’ll cover everything about the different pieces and their uses for smoking or otherwise consuming them- including what each part does to make sure your experience will be as enjoyable!

Marijuana Plant Anatomy

The marijuana plant has a long stem and large fan-like leaves. It looks like many other flowering plants, but the compact bud-like flowers are usually the main reason why humans love it so much! Marijuana’s dense cannabinoid content in THC or CBD makes up for its unique appeal with these two ingredients at their core – making them an ideal choice to smoke by themselves as well.

However, the joy of marijuana is not limited to its flowers. Many other parts give this amazing plant life and make it worth growing in our homes or outdoors! Let’s go over some parts in more detail because they’re just as interesting in their way too.


Cannabis plants grow from seeds that are produced inside female flowers after they’re pollinated by male cannabis plants. However, you probably won’t find any seeds in the flower at your local dispensary. Modern marijuana growers seek to produce sinsemilla (seedless) cannabis flowers so that their female plants are not pollinated by male ones.

Cotyledon Leaves

After a cannabis seed successfully germinates, it will sprout tiny cotyledon leaves. As the plant grows and its first true leaves start to grow from inside of them- these original ‘cotyledon’ (the Sanskrit name for this type) are what eventually fall off as they’re replaced by newer more developed structures on their way up.


A cannabis plant’s roots grow from the seed and main stem. Healthy root growth is critical to healthy marijuana, as it delivers water and nutrients up into the rest of your precious cannabis plant’s body.


The stem of a cannabis plant is an important part that provides support for the branches and other parts. It may also be called your main stem or stalk. Cannabis stems can grow quite high. Though the average height of a Cannabis sativa plant is around 6 feet, some strains may reach 10 feet tall! However, growers often choose not to have their stalks stretch for more branching and flower production.


Branches are a cannabis plant’s offshoots. They sprout from the main stem, providing support and space for leaves which in turn photosynthesize food to feed not only themselves but also their canopy of branches below! Branches help deliver water and nutrients throughout this complex system.


Nodes are the areas of a cannabis plant where branches and the main stem meet. Located at these nodes, flowers can grow to be harvested.


Internodes are the spaces between nodes along a cannabis plant’s main stem. They store nutrients and provide support to keep your weed healthy, strong as can be.

Fan leaves

The fan leaves of cannabis plants are iconic for their flowing form and rich green coloration. They grow together in groups shaped like fans, reaching out to catch the light while conducting photosynthesis with each other!

The fan leaf is a symbol for marijuana but it’s important to take note that it does not have psychoactive effects. The leaves contain only trace amounts of THC.


Cannabis flowers also called “buds” grow on female marijuana plants. They are the reproductive organs that produce the part people smoke and why many cultivate this plant in their home or garden.

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