How To Store Cannabis

When it comes to storing cannabis, there are a lot of factors to consider. How you store your cannabis can affect its potency and flavor. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best ways to store cannabis so that you can keep enjoying its benefits.

Factors That Affect Cannabis Freshness

The first thing you need to know about cannabis is that it degrades. Like any other perishable item, once harvested its shelf-life starts ticking away and there are a few factors that can influence how quickly this happens.


You may not know this about cannabis, but the key to preserving your product is in maintaining a specific temperature. When you store it at too high or low levels for an extended period (like during winter), cannabinoids will degrade over time and introduce potential mold growth onto what’s being stored! The best bet: 70°F degrees Fahrenheit—just right for optimal storage conditions without compromising quality whatsoever.


Cannabis is susceptible to both high and low humidity. High humidities can lead to mold growth, while extremely dry conditions could cause brittle leaves resulting in potential damage from bacteria during storage as well as an unpleasant taste or smell for those who consume them later on down the road due to compromised quality of their product; storing at 59% – 63%.

A good balance between these two sides will ensure your favorite herb stays fresh without any pesky microbes ruining it!


Cannabis degradation is a serious issue for both the grower and consumer. High exposure to ultraviolet light or UV rays can break down organic matter like cannabis fast resulting in overall cannabinoid destruction which means you’re smoking a less potent product than what was promised on your label!


As with most products, the life span of your cannabis will depend on several factors. Excess exposure can lead to degradation and loss in potency if not properly cared for; controlling oxygen levels is essential so you’ll have longer preservation opportunities!

Glass Storage

There are many ways to store your cannabis but a simple glass jar with an airtight lid may be one of the best. You can keep it stored safely and securely in this way, ensuring that no harmful sunlight or oxidation will damage its contents while also making sure you don’t accidentally open it up too early!

If you want to keep your weed fresh and safe, the best way is by using glass jars with screw-closed lids. These will protect against oxidation which can cause them to lose their potency over time as well as other harmful factors like light exposure or even curious pets who might find themselves wanting into what’s inside!

Plastic Storage

If you want to keep your cannabis fresh and mold-free, don’t use plastic. Humidity packs are the answer! These smart storage solutions will maintain just enough moisture in a way that won’t damage it over time as other materials might do – and they preserve quality too by preventing icky fungal growths from happening altogether.

Storing Cannabis Flower  

Cannabis flowers are delicate and need special attention to keep them fresh. Keep your stash away from heat sources in the home as well as UV light, which can damage THC potency over time! Store safely by placing an airtight glass jar either blacked-out or storing it somewhere where bright lights don’t shine on its contents.

Storing Cannabis Edibles 

Edibles range dramatically in terms of their ingredients and storage needs. Some cannabis-infused treats will spoil quickly if not stored properly, while others can last for months or even years without losing quality! One thing all edibles have in common though? Dark, dry places where they’re least likely to absorb moisture from air circulation – like your pantry.

Storing Concentrates 

Like all cannabis products, the most important thing to remember about concentrates and extracts is that they require a delicate environment. Storage methods will depend on factors such as volume; consistency; how long you plan on storing your extract overall – which may be anywhere from days up to weeks! The best way: Medical-grade silicone jars which ensure purity by keeping contaminants out.

To be stored longest, cannabis concentrates should go in an airtight container. Silicone jars are not ideal for this purpose because they don’t keep humidity out and may trap some smells from leaking into your other food items around the house! To store safely long-term without any risk whatsoever – get yourself one small glass jar per dose that you want to preserve.

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