Fight Fatigue with These 5 High-Energy Weed Strains

Are you feeling run down and drained? Are you having trouble getting motivated to do anything? If so, cannabis might be able to help. Weed can give you an energy boost and help fight fatigue. Here are five high-energy weed strains that will give you the energy you need to get through the day.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is the most stimulating and clear-headed strain we know of. It awakens you from your foggy mind, giving you the energy to take on each day with a sense of motivation that will not let go until its task has been completed.

A strong cup o’ joe? No way! This racy Sativa can leave even stoners feeling alert without causing any feelings or symptoms like numbness or drowsiness; in fact, it’s so effective at waking people up – both mentally and physically – Durban poison might just be what every dose needs before arising.


The moment you unscrew the lid on the Jillybean jar, an orange aroma fills your room. As if that weren’t enough to make anyone feel uplifted and inspired already by this point in time for their day! It smells so good it will take all of those negative vibes somewhere else with just one deep breath – leaving only happy thoughts behind as soon as they’re inhaled.


Sativas are known for their energizing effects, but not all Sativa strains have high levels of THC. For example, the Harlequin has very little psychoactivity and provides a weightless sensation making it an excellent choice when you need clear-headed cognition without any anxiety or paranoia from more powerful marijuana varieties.


Chocolope is a strain that will keep you feeling energized and motivated to take on the day. Its earthy flavor pairs beautifully with coffee, while its uplifting effects complement each other nicely too! This “wake-and-bake” favorite provides enough energy for any task at hand without making your head feel light as if it’s floating away from your body

Ghost Train Haze

This strain is the ultimate strain for those who have been through hell and back. With THC levels high enough to qualify as one of our strongest strains, you can expect an intense euphoria when taking this speedy Sativa with its trippy buzz that inspires appreciation in your surroundings especially while outdoors!

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